Senior Manager of Business Development

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$75,000 - $100,000

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July 9, 2024

New York, NY


Since 2016, BASTA has worked with thousands of first-generation college students of color to launch their careers and change the face of leadership in the workforce, resulting in the country's best job placement outcomes. Through personalized AI-powered career planning, best-in-class coaching, and networking with top 100 employers, New York-based job seekers in BASTA’s Fellowship program find great jobs at nearly twice the rate of their peers. Our Powered By BASTA program is scaling this impact through game-changing analytics and online support that supercharges colleges’ career success programs so students nationwide can accelerate their professional journey. 

Scope and Problem

American undergrads are facing a job market beset by systemic underemployment. The problem is especially severe for the nearly 5 million first-generation college students: only 44% of first-gen students of color land a job that requires their degree,and only 20% earn a living wage within a year of graduation. These trailblazers have the smarts, skills, and experience to land a job that leverages their degree, pays well, and forges a path to a thriving career. BASTA partners with colleges, nonprofits, and employers to build that bridge of opportunity. 

About the Senior Manager of Business Development, Employer Partnerships 

As Basta’s Senior Manager of Business Development, Employer Partnerships you will execute a sophisticated sales strategy to identify and close new employer partnerships, with the goal of creating greater job opportunities for Basta participants (eg; fellows, alumni) while also strengthening Basta’s earned revenue model. To truly move the needle on who gets hired across Fortune 500 companies, we need more leading companies ready and willing to hire and grow first-generation college students. As the sales lead, you will drive the entire sales continuum, from scanning the marketplace for new prospective partners, to coming up with creative sales campaigns, leading calls and closing deals. You will do this in partnership with the Director of Strategic Partnerships and the support of marketing/communications. Recognizing that there is no one size fits all approach - you’ll apply your creativity, optimism and relationship building skills to execute a smart strategy, relying on data and results to know when it is time to pivot, ask for more resources or celebrate! 

You will play a role across: 

● Business Development (80%) 

○ Work with Director of Strategic Partnerships to identify prospective partners, and support the development of an EP business development strategy to achieve partnership revenue goals 

○ Manage employer prospecting efforts across all potential sources, including but not limited to incoming interest, employer referrals, strategic outreach campaigns, and warm outreach 

○ Regularly conduct “pitch” calls to introduce Basta to prospective partners, attentively listening to understand how Basta can be a value add to their hiring practices 

○ Conduct quarterly business development step back sessions to assess progress and determine pivots/shifts that need to happen in upcoming quarters 

○ Partner with Senior Director of Marketing and Communications to run creative and effective marketing campaigns to generate leads 

● Data & Assessment Systems (10%): 

○ Use existing systems and tools to leverage key relationships and manage all follow up to secure partners 

○ Regularly update and monitor critical airtable views related to business development funnel 

○ Track and synthesize relevant data to assess progress against business development related EP KR’s 

○ Leverage data quarterly to evaluate progress against plan and make recommendations on staying the course, pivoting or doubling down to get on track 

● Relationship Management (10%): 

○ Partner with the Employer Partnership Coordinator to regularly identify engaging tactics to deepen relationships with new partners and the broader employer partnership ecosystem

○ As new partnership are secured, thoughtfully transition relationship management responsibilities to Employer Partnerships Coordinator 

○ Attend key employer partnership-related events and support on resolving key tasks and/or following up on outstanding items

Consider applying for this position if former colleagues would describe you in the following ways: 

Core competencies: 

● Being Resilient: Rebounding from setbacks and adversity when facing difficult situations 

● Collaborates: Building partnerships and working collaboratively with others to meet shared objectives 

● Demonstrates Self-Awareness: Using a combination of feedback and reflection to gain productive insight into personal strengths and weaknesses 

● Drives Results: Consistently achieving results, even under tough circumstances 

● Manages Ambiguity: Operating effectively, even when things are not certain or the way forward is not clear

About our Ideal Candidate 

You could be our Senior Manager of Business Development, Employer Partnerships if: 

● You have 5-7 years of professional experience 

● You have 2-3 years of experience in sales, business development or related fields - and you see these functions as an opportunity to connect people & companies with resources that will make their lives and jobs easier and better 

● You are organized and know how to effectively prioritize your time and juggle multiple leads at the same time 

● You believe deeply in the inherent value and potential first-generation students bring to the workplace and are excited to support them to achieve their career goals 

● You understand the role Fortune 500 companies play in closing the employment gap and are eager to persuade decision makers at these companies to hire first gen talent 

● You are outcomes or goal-oriented, you love to set a goal and develop a strategy to get there

● You’re a doer and a problem-solver with an eye for continuous improvement - you’re known for getting stuff done 

● You’re comfortable working in a virtual environment using virtual communication/collaboration tools, including Google docs, Zoom, and Slack 

● You are based in or near New York City and are available for some weekend and evening work

Bonus points if: 

● You’ve worked with young adults (16-24 year olds) 

● You have nonprofit experience

Salary Range

$75,000 - $100,000, with earning potential of $110,000


NYC strongly preferred, ability to commute to NYC regularly required.


Senior Manager of Business Development

$75,000 - $100,000


New York, NY





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