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Pacific Feminist Fund
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NZD 150,000 - 153,000

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July 9, 2024


Company Description

We are an independent women’s fund based in the Pacific region. We deliver swift, responsive and impactful support through grants to Pacific women’s organisations, women’s groups and feminist movements, who are change makers at the frontlines of gender equality and human rights.


Diverse Pacific women, girls and people of gender non-conforming Pacific identities, advance their human rights and gender equality in a time of climate crisis.


To cultivate Pacific feminist ways of working so as to increase and diversify funding for the work of Pacific feminists and the Pacific feminist movement.


We courageously disrupt harmful power relationships; operate with kindness, trust, and integrity; and practice learning and being accountable to the Pacific feminist movement.

This role involves shared responsibilities with the existing Co-Lead,such as leadership, strategic oversight, financial, operational as well as human resource management, and governance. We are seeking a Pacific innovator with a range of skills. You would collaboratively work with the current Co-Lead to develop complementarity based on strengths, skills, and experience. PFF will be investing in combined coaching sessions for both Co-Leads and individual coaching sessions to support this process. The person in this role also co-supervises staff and reports to the Board of Trustees. This is a remote position based in the Pacific with travel required.

Shared Responsibilities and Key Accountabilities

Strategic Co-Leadership and Executive Oversight

  • Leadership: Co-lead to strengthen collaboration, innovation, solidarity and co-responsibility.
  • Vision and Strategy: Conduct overall promotion of the PFF’s vision, purpose, and programmes, and co- facilitate development of the strategic vision and political positioning of PFF, and implementation of the PFF’s strategic plan.
  • Collaborative Financial and Organisational Management: Ensure the PFF’s operational, financial, and team capacity to meet strategic outcomes. Embody shared integrity, transparency, accountability, trust, and kindness as foundational values.
  • Shared Power and Increased Equity: Represent and strategically frame PFF and its values in international, regional and local venues. Shape and build upon the overall direction, including partnerships, alliance building, and programmes.
  • Feminist and Decolonising Practices: Co-create practices for shared accountability, self-care and collective care, and explore decolonisation as a value and practice.

Financial Sustainability and Resilience

  • Provide strategic oversight of PFF’s overall financial health and management. Diversify the range of donors; co-develop new types of funding.
  • Co-develop the PFF's approach to Gender Lens Investing (GLI) and associated strategies. Guide the Resource Mobilisation team to secure financial resources.
  • Collaborate with other women’s funds to build on efforts to secure more funding.


  • Support participatory decision-making mechanisms; cross-team collaboration, accountability, and care-centered leadership.
  • Work closely with PFF’s Board of Trustees on risk management and other activities.
  • Provide regular reports; ensure accountability and legal compliance to PFF’s Board of Trustees and to the broader community.

Human Resources Development, Support and Management

  • Co-supervise team members including MEAL, Strategic Finance, and Communications Enablers, GLI Enabler and Resource Mobilisation Enabler.
  • Oversee and provide direct support to PFF’s Human Resources consultants to co-develop and implement internal policies and processes in line with relevant legislations.
  • Build a strong organizational culture that is rooted in PFF’s values.

Programmatic Development and Support

  • Set up the innovative design, development, testing and implementation of PFF’s grant mechanism in ways that are collaborative, share power, and prioritise Pacific contexts.
  • Provide strategic guidance and support to PFF’s Communications Enabler, for the development and implementation of PFF’s Communications Strategy, and to the Programmes team for the development and implementation of participatory and flexible long-term grantmaking and accompaniment support for grantee partners.
  • Provide strategic guidance and support for the development and implementation of PFF’s tech principles, ensuring holistic security throughout PFF’s work.
  • Foster innovative alliances across different programmatic domains.

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning

  • Co-develop a systemized approach to MEAL, linked to strategic outcomes and communications strategy, and provide guidance and support to PFF’s MEAL Enabler.

Key Knowledge, Experience and Requirements

  • Required: Executive management experience: governance, strategic planning, HR, finance, and experience working with a Board. Desirable: experience managing a virtual and multicultural team or organisation.
  • Required: Demonstrated professional experience in the Pacific. Desirable: strong network of relationships in civil society, philanthropy, and other communities in the Pacific region.
  • Required: Living in the South Pacific Islands and able to travel. Desirable: Speaks English and another Pacific language.
  • Required: Qualifications in one or more of these areas: finance, philanthropy, research, HR, monitoring, evaluation and learning. Desirable: grantmaking, programme development and implementation, and resource mobilization skills.
  • Required: Strong skills in leadership, negotiation, financial management, budgeting, and human resource management

Job Standards


  • Standard
    • Individual: seeks to learn, takes on new & unfamiliar tasks
    • Interpersonal: collaboration and communication
    • Analytical: planning, organising and problem-solving
  • Expert (Level 5 Expectation)
    • Has knowledge and expertise and can lead others in this standard as it relates to the role


  • Standard
    • Understanding the organisation’s mission
    • Strategic positioning: managing for long-term success
    • Team leadership and people development responsibility
  • Expert (Level 5 Expectation)
    • Has knowledge and expertise and can lead others in this standard as it relates to the role


  • Standard
    • Knowledge and applications of procedures and processes
    • Attention to detail
  • Expert (Level 5 Expectation)
    • Has knowledge and expertise and can lead others in this standard as it relates to the role

Salary, Leave and Benefits

  • Starting salary range NZD 150,000 – 153,000
  • 3% superannuation; medical insurance NZD 3,000
  • Types of leave: annual – 20 days, sick – 10 days, compassionate – 2 days and bereavement – 3 days), parental and maternity leave, domestic violence leave, and Office Rest, which is part of PFF’s Wellbeing Practice: PFF will practice office closure for two weeks in a calendar period, for one week every six months. The office closure is done in the spirit of practicing collective well-being and self-care. This is not counted as annual leave.

Allowances: Contribution to home office set up, IT equipment and communications costs.


Remote and based in the Pacific. Face to face meetings with the Board, the PFF team, partners, and funders may be required on a needs basis.

To Apply

Submit your resume to by clicking on Apply for Job.

Read more about the position on our FAQ.

Pacific Feminist Fund

Co-Lead, Pacific Feminist Fund

NZD 150,000 - 153,000







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