Sad girl summer = when you're stuck inside searching for jobs while all your friends are day-drinking on the beach. Cheer up, buttercup. We found the best social impact jobs for you to apply for so you can get back to shotgunning a White Claw on your friend's uncle's boat worry-free.

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Meme of the Week

Article of the Week

How to Nail a Job Interview Like a Boss

After putting in hours of work and probably a few a lot a bucket full of tears filling out dozens of job applications, you finally landed an interview. Congratulations!

But here’s the bad news…you landed an interview. You know that thing where a stranger asks you about your greatest strengths and where you see yourself in five years? A literal millennial nightmare.

Don’t hyperventilate, we’re here now, and we’re going to hold your hand and walk you through this like the majestic Impact Job fairy godparents we are.

Here’s are the best tips we've got for ya, sweet children:

  • Do.Your.Damn.Research. Listen, the social impact space is a large umbrella, which means you could apply for a job in sustainability, ESG, or CSR. Don’t know what those acronyms mean? That’s your first problem, friendo. Research the h*ck out of the role you’re applying for, the company/organization and the work it does, and the social impact sphere it exists in. If you find out the name of your potential boss’s childhood pet, you’ve got too far.
  • Do JUST the right amount of prep. You can expect to hear some interview questions over and over again, so you may as well prepare your answers. HOWEVER, you don’t want to over-prepare to the point where you’ve memorized a two-minute spiel about how your experience as a freelance graphic designer has perfectly prepared you to be a Lead Sustainability Consultant. You want to keep it conversational and gracefully straddle the line between, “I’m a dumb-dumb who doesn’t know what to say,” and “Thank you for coming to my TedTalk."

  • Practice, practice, practice. Call up a friend or that dude you met at a networking event three months ago and ask them to do a practice interview with you. Ask them for feedback on how you come across and keep practicing until you feel confident and prepared.

Don’t forget to have fun and be yourself, kids! Or you could pop a xanny right before you go in. That works too.

July 4, 2024


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