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Meme of the Week

Article of the Week

Is a Sustainable World Cup Possible?

Fifa claimed that this year’s World Cup would be completely carbon neutral, but according to environmentalists, that’s like Michael Scott buying his own “World’s Best Boss” mug. In other words…they call bullshit.

And the reason they call BS is that Fifa is using carbon offset programs to try to cancel out the event’s massive footprint - over ten million tonnes of carbon waste. While carbon offsets do help fight the environmental issues we face, the bigger issue is that the World Cup is producing the same amount of carbon emissions that the country of Armenia produces in a year.

So yeah, we all know that Fifa's carbon-neutral push isn't as good as it sounds. So much so that several players even signed an open letter to Fifa asking them to stop using the term. But it has us wondering…does a world exist where global sporting events don’t take a massive toll on the planet?

According to this BBC Future Proof article, the biggest environmental impact of events like the World Cup comes from the construction of brand-new stadiums in host cities. You know how slow fashion experts like to say, “the most sustainable outfit is the one that’s already in your closet?”

Well apparently, the most sustainable building is the one that already exists, not the one (or eight) that’s built for one event and then rarely used again.

These events bring the world together in amazing ways, but they have a long way to go before they’re considered environmentally friendly. However, we do want to give a shoutout to Japan’s Blue Samarais and their fans, who have set a great example by cleaning up locker rooms and stadiums after every game. Can we get those guys in charge of sustainability next time?

July 4, 2024


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