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Meme of the Week

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Article of the Week

Another Day, Another Devastating Oil Spill

BEAR WITH US while we try to make an article about a yet another devastating oil spill light and humorous. This is a hard job sometimes, y’all.

Here’s what happened: a big ship hit some rough waters and sank off the island of Mindoro, which is just south of Manila. It was carrying 800,000 liters of industrial fuel oil that have now spilled into some of the most beautiful and biodiverse oceans in the  world.

Several pristine beaches have turned black, which has created unsafe conditions for residents and marine life. The spill also threatens summer tourism in The Phillipines, which was slated to make a huge comeback after the pandemic.

So yeah…it’s not good. BUT there is one cool bit of news that’s giving us major “we’re all in this together” vibes. However we just gave you a High School Musical meme last week, so instead we’ll give you this:

The spill is making its way to the Palawan Province, which should be in the running for one of the most beautiful places in the world. For real, give it a Google images search to see for yourself.

To prepare for the incoming oil, residents are banning together to create creative solutions. They’re collecting old clothing and old hair from salons and stuffing them into fish nets to create makeshift oil containment booms. The goal is to soak and clog the oil before it reaches the white sand beaches.

The community when the oil spill tries to dirty their beaches:

We gotta give the Palawan community major props for working together during such a challenging time. The Phillipine Coast Guard is also seeking help from the Japanese Coast Guard and U.S. Coast Guard. President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is calling for the spill to be completely cleaned up within four months to prepare for a bustling tourism season.

We hope these nations will work together as well as the Palawan community is to protect these invaluable oceans and beaches. Can someone play them some high school musical for a little inspiration?

July 4, 2024


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