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  • Article of the Week: Are Skills More Important Than Degrees?
  • New Job Opportunities
  • Win of the Week: New EV Battery Charges in Under Five Minutes
  • Bummer of the Week: Google Falls Behind on Net Zero Goals

Meme of the Week

Article of the Week

Are Skills More Important Than Degrees?

The times they are a’changing, are they not? Back in the not-so-far-off day, kids were told they needed to go to college to secure a good job, but that might not be the case anymore.

Recent research from good ole Bill Gates has shown that the perceived value of a college education has plummeted in the last few years, while the perceived value of desirable skills has skyrocketed.

What does this mean for today’s job seekers?

Here are our takeaways:

  1. Tech, the rise of AI, and globalization are changing the way that most industries work, which comes with a demand for new hard skills.
  2. This report says that 55% of companies eliminated the requirement for a bachelor’s degree last year, and 45% plan to eliminate the requirement this year.
  3. Employers also want to see more soft skills, like good communication, critical thinking, resourcefulness, and creativity.
  4. The move to prioritize skills over degrees opens hiring pools up to job seekers who have previously been overlooked for the lack of a degree and will create more diverse workplaces.
  5. Adding new courses and certifications to your resume could go a long way with employers who value skills more than degrees.

Now listen, we aren’t trying to tell any young folks reading this that you should drop out or skip college altogether. But we also can’t argue that the tides are turning, and there’s more than one pathway to a great career (and some of those ways don’t require crushing student loan debt).

Regardless of your degrees, you should be highlighting the heck out of your skills on your resume. If you aren’t sure how to do that, we got your back. Submit your resume to us to review for ya right here.

New Job Opportunities

  1. Operations Associate at Project Bread - East Boston, MA (USA)
  2. Development Operations Associate at Global Fund for Children - Washington, DC (USA)
  3. Communications Coordinator at Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice - Remote (Global)
  4. Zero Waste Program Director at PIRG - Multiple Locations (USA)
  5. International Advocacy Coordinator at The Climate Group - London (UK)
  6. Associate Director, Communications at Co-Impact - USA, UK, Kenya, The Netherlands, Switzerland (Remote)

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Win of the Week:

British startup Nybolt may have solved one of the biggest problems with electric cars. Last week they unveiled a new electric car battery that can be fully charged in less than five minutes, which is way faster than the hours it takes for some EVs to charge up.

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Bummer of the Week:

Google is falling behind on its goal to become net zero in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. In fact, the company’s emissions have sharply increased since 2019, and the mega corp is blaming the high energy demands of AI-powered data centers, which often rely on fossil fuels.

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June 27, 2024


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