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Can the World's Largest Laser Save the Planet?

Did you know that the secret to creating clean energy was a really big laser? No, not like a tiny hair removal laser or those laser pens that you use to taunt your cats. We’re talking about a really big laser. Huge.

On Tuesday, U.S. scientists from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory announced that they created the first nuclear fusion reaction that created more energy than it destroyed.

Talk about overachievers: while everyone else was just trying to find a net zero clean energy source, these guys created clean energy with a net positive result. (At least we think that’s how it works…we ain’t no scientists. Read the deets here.)

The smartypants scientists used the world’s largest laser to create a fusion reaction that mimicked reactions that power the sun and stars. This sounds like some Doc Oc level shit if you ask us.

This whole thing is a big win for Pres. Biden, who’s been aggressively pushing for new clean energy technology. And nuclear power is super clean and efficient. It doesn’t pollute as fossil fuels do, nuclear plants take up way less land space than solar plants, and its recyclability makes it low waste.

But don’t get too excited yet, Joe. Scientists caution that it could take over a decade to roll out commercial nuclear fusion energy. Why? Because we need a lot of really big lasers and they need to fire off every second of the day to generate electricity.

So yeah…nuclear fusion energy may not ever happen on a large scale, but Tuesday’s achievement was still cool because it advances what we know about this clean energy source. But let’s be real, we’re all asking this question:

July 4, 2024


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