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Article of the Week

Here's How Much Money You Can Make in Social Impact

There’s an idea out there that to have a career that positively impacts the world you have to sacrifice your income potential. To make the big bucks, you gotta sell your soul to a mega corp, carry around three cell phones, and have a mental breakdown every five years. But hey, at least you got a nice house, right?

Since a salary downgrade is one of the main reasons people don’t make the leap into the social impact space, we thought we’d research exactly what you can expect to make when you become a do-gooder.

Now of course, how much you make in social impact varies based on a flurry of factors, like your education level, industry, job title, skills, and where you live. We can’t give you a blanket promise, but hopefully, we’ll show ya that there is good money to be made in a social impact career.

Here are some stats:

  • In the US, the national average salary for a CSR Manager is $91,578 a year.
  • There’s good money and a variety of jobs in green energy. Check out the average salaries here.
  • The US national average for an ESG consultant is $100,259 a year, with the highest-paying jobs located in California
  • The average NPO salary in the US is still on the low side at $51,566, but there are some non-profits that pay more competitive salaries. Check out our non-profit job board here.
  • Have a degree in environmental science? More and more companies are hiring Waste and Sustainability experts to help them go green, and the average salary is $79,000 in the US.

Great news! It’s not true that you have to sacrifice income for a rewarding career in social impact. Plus, the industry will continue to expand as more companies hire CSR and ESG consultants. It’s a win-win for you and the world.

Ready to take the leap? Scroll down to our job board and get started today.

February 22, 2024


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