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Article of the Week

Can We Trust Nonprofits?

If you grew up anywhere near the Bible Belt, you know that the lord loves a cheerful giver, and so do nonprofits. Plus, donating to charities makes us feel like good humans, which is what we’re all really after, isn’t it? Amen.

JK, maybe you’re one of those do-gooders who actually wants to make the world a better place and doesn’t care about the recognition. Cheers to you.

Regardless of the motivation for supporting a nonprofit, how much can we actually trust those guys anyway? Are they really going to use our money for good and do what they say they’re gonna do, or is the CEO buying a suspiciously jetting off to Mykonos on a private jet?

According to a bunch of recent polls and research, public trust in nonprofits has gone way down. Here are some stats you might find a wee bit interesting:

  • According to an Independent Sector Survey in 2022, only 56% of Americans trust nonprofits
  • The numbers get worse through the generations. A Morning Consult poll revealed that only 46% of Gen Z trusts nonprofits, compared to 67% of baby boomers.
  • An online survey from public relations firm Edelman revealed that people around the globe trust businesses more than nonprofits or governments. Cooooool.

How the H-E-double-hockey-sticks did we get here?

What’s interesting is that the type of distrust in nonprofits has changed over the years. In the 90s, the public didn’t trust that nonprofit leaders were qualified enough. Today, they distrust the intentions of the leaders and major donors.

If you work in the nonprofit sector and want to work on the public’s trust issues, this article has some great ideas. If you’re a potential donor who wants to figure out which nonprofits you can trust, check out watchdog sites like Charity Navigator and GuideStar.

And if you're a nonprofit CEO reading this from a PJ, we hope you packed some shorts. We hear its hot in the Bad Place.

July 4, 2024


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