New year, new job? If Greta Thunberg can own Andrew Tate with a pizza box, you can own 2023 with a new social impact job.

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Make Money Going Green

Happy New Year! We hope your resolutions are still holding strong on day five. Our resolution is to hook you up with a new social impact job and bring you the latest news in a not so doom and gloomy way. Feels doable, right?

Let’s start off with some news that could make you some cash, cause we know that’s what everyone wants more of in 2023. If you live in the US, you’re in luck! You could make some extra cash AND do some good for the planet. Did we manifest this?!

Starting Jan 1, the US government is offering thousands of dollars to households who:

  • Install rooftop solar panels
  • Switch to an electric heat pump
  • Swap out your car for an EV

Even more credits are rolling out later in 2023 for things like EV chargers, heat pump water heaters, and for sealing up your doors and windows. Not too shabby!

But before you get too excited, remember that this is the US government we’re talking about, so there are complications. Did you really think it would be easy?

First, you can qualify for different types of assistance: tax credits or upfront discounts (which aren’t available yet). You can check out this nifty little Calculator to see what you qualify for.

If you want the credits, there are limits to how much you can cash out in one year, so you can’t go green all at once. It may also be hard to find installers who know how to use all of these new government resources.

Despite complications, these credits can still do a lot of good, and any effort you make to lighten your carbon load this year is a good move in our book. A little extra cash in your pocket ain’t so bad either!


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