Paul Revere made his historic midnight ride on this day in 1775, so we’re following in his footsteps to make a just as equally historic announcement: the Impact Jobs are coming! The Impact Jobs are coming! Scroll down for the ride of your life.

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  • Meme of the Week
  • Article of the Week: Is Impact Investing Right For You?
  • New Job Opportunities
  • Win of the Week: The EPA Cracks Down on Manufacturing Emissions
  • Bummer of the Week: A Look Into Child Labor in Açaí Berry Harvesting

Meme of the Week

Article of the Week

Is Impact Investing Right For You?

You know that episode of Friends where Monica invests in the stock market and loses all her money? Yeah, not sure about you, but that was the closest thing we got to investing advice growing up.

So just in case you’re like us and know shockingly little about the stock market, we thought we’d give you a quick intro to investing. And since this is The Impact Job newsletter, after all, we’re specifically going to talk about the pros and cons of impact investing.

Don’t worry, this won’t take long.

Impact investing, or as the pros call it, socially responsible investing, is when you invest your money into companies that have a positive social impact. You aren’t only trying to turn a profit for yourself; you’re trying to use your money to create social change.

For example, investing in green energy companies as opposed to fossil fuel companies. Sounds like a no-brainer for us socially-minded do-gooders, right?

Here are the pros of impact investing:

  • You can make money and sleep well at night knowing you’re contributing to positive change.
  • You get to de-invest from companies that are harming people and the planet.
  • You’re supporting innovation in social impact entrepreneurship.

If you ask us, investing based on your values is a lot better than Monica’s stock-picking technique…

However, there are some downsides to impact investing, like the fact that some experts say that it yields lower financial returns (although other experts say this is changing). Impact investing can also be riskier and outcomes are harder to measure.

So is it right for you? Our advice is to do your own research, cause once again we are dangerously under-educated on the topic. Something we do know a lot about is social impact jobs, and we got those on tap. Scroll down to start applying for your next do-gooder job today so that you actually have some money to invest, ya feel?

New Job Opportunities

  1. Account Executive at Satiated Artists - Remote
  2. Executive Director at Center for Coastal Studies - Provincetown, MA (USA)
  3. Senior Global Organiser at - Remote (Multiple Locations)
  4. Adult Clinician at Hope Solutions - Pleasant Hill, CA (USA)
  5. Accounting Clerk at Capital Good Fund - Providence, RI (USA)
  6. Clinical Services Manager at Hope Solutions - Pleasant Hill, CA (USA)

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Win of the Week:

To lower the number of people with elevated cancer risk across the country, specifically in a strip of Louisiana and Texas referred to as “Cancer Alley,” the EPA finalized a new ruling that requires 218 chemical plants to reduce toxic and carcinogenic airborne pollutants.

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Bummer of the Week:

A recent CNN report documents the child labor behind açaí berries, which includes child laborers climbing trees as tall as seven stories to harvest the berries. Watch the video below.

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