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  • Win of the Week: Deforestation Down in the Brazilian Amazon in November
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Meme of the Week

Article of the Week

Patagonia is Looking for You

Are you ready to pack up the job search until after the holidays? Hold your reindeer, friendo, cause we have more Impact Jobs listed on our job board than ever. What if it’s the most wonderful time of year to get a new job?

If anything, you can use this time to research companies that you want to apply to in the new year.

Since it’s the season of giving, we’re gonna help you out and give you a deep dive into one of the social impact companies hiring right now: Patagonia.

Though it's grown from one small shop in Ventura, California to a global outdoor giant, Patagonia has retained its maverick spirit and is at the forefront of the concept of "business for good."

Here’s Patagonia’s dating profile:

  • Founded: 1973
  • Based in Ventura, CA
  • Company size: 1000+ employees
  • Mission: to save our home planet

Patagonia is a certified B-corp, gives away 1% of its sales to environmental programs, and doesn’t shy away from calling out politicians who deny climate change or stifle voting rights. They’ve also committed to going carbon neutral by 2025.

Want to work in digital activism? Right now Patagonia is looking for a Paid Media Lead to play a pivotal role in the company’s social amplification program. The role is based in Ventura, California, and the salary range is $80,000-120,000.

Does this job sound like it would fit you like a fleece glove? Check out the full listing here. Otherwise, check out the rest of the awesome companies on our job board.

And hey, if you get this job, nobody is stopping you from using your employee discount to send us a thank you vest.

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Win of the Week:

In November, deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon was down by 64% from a year earlier. At the most recent COP28, President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva reiterated Brazil's mission to end illegal deforestation by 2030.

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Bummer of the Week:

As the year comes to a close, reports show that 2023 will be the hottest year on record. According to the Copernicus Climate Change Service, this November was 3.15 degrees Fahrenheit above pre-industrial levels.

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July 4, 2024


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