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Meme of the Week

Article of the Week

Potatoes: Thanksgiving Rockstar or Climate Activist?

With American Thanksgiving around the corner, we’ve gotta give it up to the one vegetable to rule them all: potatoes. Samwise Gamgee was right, you can boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew…and as it turns out, you can even use them to make a statement about climate change!

In recent months there’s been a rise in art-related climate demonstrations in Europe. In London, one group of activists glued themselves to The Last Supper at the Royal Academy. Another group threw a can of tomato soup on a Van Gogh Painting at the National Gallery. In Italy, there was a group that glued themselves to a sculpture in the Vatican.

Last Sunday in Germany, two activists from the advocacy group Last Generation took it up a notch by smearing mashed potatoes over a Monet painting AND gluing themselves to the wall of the Museum Barbarini.

Our guess is that these overachievers took one look at the state of the world and were like:

The demonstrators were bringing awareness to the fact that outrage over a ruined painting should be nothing compared to outrage over climate change. We really do get where they’re coming from, but did they have to bring potatoes into this? So much delicious french fry potential wasted…

Oh, and the painting was not actually damaged, in case any die-hard Monet stans were on pins and needles.

It’s no Banksy, but it’s….something.

If this type of activism isn’t your thing, you could always apply for a social impact job instead. That’s no small potatoes.

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