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Meme of the Week

Article of the Week

Scotch is Going Green...hopefully

There’s been, um, *a lot* going on in the news lately. Not sure about you, but we could use a drink. That’s why we’re bringing you a story about scotch today. Neat, right? Well, it also comes with a twist.

Scotch is a beloved centuries-old industry in good ole Scotland, but it’s not the family business of yesteryear anymore. Most of the industry is controlled by huge conglomerates, and it’s a dirty business.

Scotch distilleries off the western isle of Scotland produce more greenhouse gases than the same region’s diesel ferries and sheep pastures. For all of us who have no clue what to make of those measurements: it’s a lot. Think of a large amount of greenhouse gases, and then think of an even larger amount. It’s like that.

But here’s the twist: 140 scotch distillery owners have voluntarily pledged to go net zero by 2040. Here are the sweeping changes they plan to make:

  • To move away from fossil fuels, they’ll power their distilleries with wood chips, wind, ocean tides, and green hydrogen
  • More sustainable use of Scotland’s water
  • Better recycling efforts, which includes repurposing byproducts like pot ale and draff into biofuel, fertilizer, and animal feed
  • Adoption of electric vehicles for distillery tours, which would include adding 30,000 EV charging stations

Sound too good to be true? We don’t blame you for thinking that, especially since basically every industry that exists is making sweeping green promises with a pitiful amount of follow through. How do we know the distillery owners weren't drunk on their own scotch when they made these promises?

Whether or not they were on the sauce, there’s hope for the scotch industry because these distilleries are already used to looking towards the future. It takes over a decade for some scotch to mature, so the folks behind the curtain know how to think ahead. Plus, Scotland has a ton of money, and the country is putting a ton of it into green investments right now.

We’ll hope for the best and raise a glass to a greener scotch industry!

July 4, 2024


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