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Meme of the Week

Article of the Week

France is Making Parking Lots Sexy With Solar Panel Canopies

Ah, the French. From how they speak to how they turned an average ham and cheese sandwich into the masterpiece that is the Croque Madame, those guys know how to make everything sexy. Now they’re putting their sexy spin on parking lots.

This week France passed a law that requires solar panel canopies to be built over all substantial parking lots throughout the country. For this whole joke to land you really need to think that solar panels are sexy. Which we do, obviously.

This plan is genius because basically every country is trying to increase their solar energy usage to reduce fossil fuel consumption, but the problem has always been that solar panels take up a ton of space. Densely populated countries like France have trouble finding the space to build solar farms without causing problems for the agricultural industry.

Us at France rn:

Building solar canopies over existing parking lots is a creative solution that could add eight percent to France’s current electrical capacity. It also won’t harm biodiversity like solar plants built on unused land tend to do.

Another perk of solar expansion is that it’s cost-effective. Covering every parking lot in France will cost the same amount of money as the new nuclear power plant they’re currently building in Flamanville (roughly $14 billion).

The fact that this country has given us croissants AND sexy solar parking lots is almost too much to handle. Us to the rest of the world rn:

July 4, 2024


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