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Meme of the Week

Article of the Week

Should You Buy an EV?

Elon Musk made a recent announcement that caught our attention, and no, it wasn’t when he agreed to a cage match against Mark Zuckerberg (although we’re sure there will be a good movie about that in the next five years).

The announcement we care about is the fact that Tesla sales increased by roughly 83% over last year. Their quarterly report revealed that they moved 466,000 electric vehicles between April and June.

Rivian, the producers of electric pick-up trucks (which, let’s just say it, is an oxymoron) also reported higher sales than what the big wig analysts on wall street projected. After a few years of production issues and falling stock prices, the EV industry is on the up and up.

So when it comes to you and your vehicle choices, dear reader, should you get rid of your current car and buy an EV? Here are some facty-facts:

  • EVs have a much larger manufacturing footprint than cars that run on gas, but they become more sustainable than about a year of driving.
  • Even with tax credits, buying an EV is still far more expensive than a gas-powered car.
  • BUT gas-powered cars are more expensive to drive and maintain.
  • However, EV’s need their batteries replaced around every ten years, and as of now, that is not an easy or inexpensive activity.
  • Even though there are still problems with EVs, the general consensus is that they are a much better environmental choice than gas-powered cars.

If you own a gas-powered car that’s in good shape, switching to an electric vehicle doesn’t need to be your biggest priority in the world. However, if you have the means to invest in an EV the next time you’re in the market for a new car, we think that’s pretty rad too.

July 4, 2024


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