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  • Should You Conscious Quit Your Job?
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  • Bummer of the Week: Wealthy Countries Fail to Provide Promised Climate Relief to Developing Nations

Meme of the Week

Article of the Week

Should You Consciously Quit Your Job?

Six months ago “quiet quitting” took over the internet, but now we’ve already moved on to “conscious quitting.” Damn, the trend cycle really IS getting shorter and shorter, right?

Essentially, conscious quitting is when employees leave their companies because they don’t align with their values. We’d argue that this isn’t a super new trend since millennials and now gen-z employees have pressured companies to do better for years.

However, the trend is getting more attention right now because of the times we’re living in, AKA “permacrisis.” As in permanent crisis. Cute, right? That cute little word even became the Collin's Dictionary 2022 word of the year. Aww, way to go, permacrisis. We're all so proud of you.

After years of bouncing from one worldwide disaster, pandemic, war, and other major “once in a lifetime” catastrophes, employees want to work for companies that are solving problems, not adding to the dumpster fire.

They’re tired of lip service too, and employees are becoming bolder about calling out their companies for not living up to the values they plaster all over their websites. Despite a promising employee handbook, most say that they don’t believe their leaders in the c-suites actually care about the bigger issues.

To all of this we say:

Which newsletter do ya think you’re talking to here? OF COURSE we love this trend because it means that more people want to spend their lives doing meaningful work with companies that actually give a shit.

Lastly, we’re calling the next quitting trend now: zoom quitting. It’s when you finally snap on the seventh zoom call of the day, unmute and yell “I QUIT” before slamming your laptop closed and dancing around your apartment in your underwear.

Five seconds later you will realize you made a terrible mistake and have a panic attack. Then you will get drunk. The next day you will log onto your first zoom meeting and pretend like nothing happened. Give it six months.

Avoid the emotional rollercoaster and apply for a social impact job today instead.

July 4, 2024


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