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Meme of the Week

New Hydroflask Drying Rack - who dis?

The gift-giving season will be here before you know it! Shop responsibly and check out Kuppy. With a Kuppy Drying Rack, you can dry your drinkware faster and declutter your counter. You can use it to dry your reusable water bottles, wine glasses, shakers, tumblers, glasses, and even reusable baggies!

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Article of the Week

Should You Work in the Public Sector?

Greetings, impact job seekers! Have you been scouring job boards for the perfect impact job and still haven’t found the right fit? Well, there might be one place you didn’t even think of to look: the US government.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the public sector is responsible for one-fifth of all new American jobs created this year. That’s 327,000 new jobs to be precise.

Now we could be pessimistic and point out that all of these job openings are because tons of government employees left their jobs during the pandemic and the government is just now getting around to replacing them, but let’s not dwell on that. We’re gonna Chris Traeger this up and focus on the positives here.

Plus, working for the government usually comes with some sweet perks, including:

  • Impressive retirement packages and other benefits
  • Stability - government jobs typically experience fewer surprise layoffs, and many government employees enjoy long careers
  • Student loan forgiveness eligibility
  • Opportunities for advancement

The government also offers a wide variety of jobs that utilize various skills, education levels, and interests.

We’re not saying that government work is the right fit for everyone, but it is helpful to know that while other industries are experiencing extreme layoffs and hiring freezes (*cough* tech *cough*), the government is experiencing its biggest job boost since 2001.

And to make the jobs more enticing, some of them come with sweet hiring bonuses and salary bumps.

If working for the government isn't your jam, no sweat. Scroll down for this week's social impact job postings!

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