Social impact jobs + news go together like H&M and MORE greenwashing accusations.

Here's a fun drinking game: take a shot every time H&M claims an item is sustainable even though it is not sustainably made in any way whatsoever.

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  • Jaguars Make a Comeback in the Yucátan Peninsula
  • H&M is Accused of Misleading Marketing Over Their Conscious Collection...Again

Meme of the Week

Article of the Week

Can China and America Play Nice to Save the Planet?

Remember that big ole planet conference we told you about last week? Where major world leaders are gathering to talk about how to save humanity from eminent doom? The one that’s happening in EGYPT, not Paris, as our subject line said? (we’re smart people who know smart things and you can totally trust us but even smart people make mistakes, OKAY?)

Yeah. Anyway. In addition to COP27 (which is still going on until tomorrow), there’s another gathering of minds called the G20 summit taking place 6000 miles away in Bali, and it’s even more dramatic.

Why, you ask? Because America and China sat down to have a *civil* discussion about climate change for the first time since a major falling out in August.

China was not cool with the fact that Speaker Pelosi (#thoughtsandprayers) visited Taiwan and threw her support behind the country as they seek freedom from the Republic of China, so China gave the U.S. the silent treatment when it came to climate talks.

And here you were thinking nothing could get more awkward than Thanksgiving dinner with your dad’s side of the family.

On Monday, President Xi Jinping agreed to sit down with President Biden in the name of not letting the planet burn over a feud. These negotiations are a pretty big deal since the U.S. and China emit more fossil fuels than any other country (and several countries combined, #fossilfuelflex).

The folks at the other climate conference in Egypt (NOT Paris, we get it), were on the edge of their seats waiting to hear how the meeting went since it’s hard to save the planet without the world’s biggest superpowers involved.

Aaaaand the result was: both countries are willing to keep talking to each other to help save the planet from destruction. Yeah. Any child of divorce who’s tried to get both parents to attend their school play knows that this is actually a pretty big deal even though it feels like the bare minimum that any mature adult would do for the sake of the kid. But hey, it’s still something to celebrate, so…cheers!

July 4, 2024


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