If the ozone layer can come back stronger than a 90s trend, you can come back from your new year's brain fog and apply for a social impact job. We believe in you as much as gen-z believes they discovered bucket hats.

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  • Meme of the Week
  • The Ozone Layer is Making a Comeback
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  • Win of the Week: Icelandic Startups Partner to Create Climate Change Solutions
  • Bummer of the Week: French Dairy Company Danone Sued for Excessive Plastic Use

Meme of the Week

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Article of the Week


The Ozone Layer is Making a Comeback

Whaddup, Do-Gooders! (and we mean that with total #respect)

Here’s what’s up: the ozone layer! In case you missed the good news, UN-backed scientists released a new assessment of ozone layer depletion, and it revealed that the ozone layer is actually healing! You can read the full 57-page assessment here or stick with us for the cliff notes. Kinda like how you got through Moby Dick in high school.

The ozone layer protects the earth from the sun’s radiation. It naturally fluctuates in thickness, but carbon emissions and other harmful chemicals deplete it faster, which has caused concern among environmentalists over the last few decades. Cause without a thick ozone layer…we’re cooked, literally.

Think of it like sunscreen. If the earth absorbs too many strong UV rays without protection, we won’t be able to grow food and plants won’t absorb CO2. Health issues like skin cancer and eye damage would skyrocket, and you can’t heal those with aloe vera gel.

So yeah, it’s pretty good news that the ozone layer is thickening again. We have the decline of ozone-eating chemicals to thank for it, and for THAT we have to thank initiatives like The Montreal Protocol.

Hopefully, this good news inspires more ozone-healing efforts. Most of it needs to happen at the industrial and commercial level, but there are also things that individuals can do to help reduce ozone harm - here’s a helpful list. Every little bit counts! Now wasn’t this better than reading Moby Dick?


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