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The Planet Needs More Electricians

Here at The Impact Job, we spend our days scouring the interwebs for jobs that make a difference. Turns out there’s been one under our noses this whole time: becoming an electrician.

Renewable energy is trendy AF right now, and the industry will only continue to grow in the future (praise hands, amiright?). Get your shades, cause if the climate scientists have their way, we’re electrifying everything.

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One small problem…we need the people who know how to actually plug all this stuff in. Don’t look at us.

In the United States, we’re already facing an electrician shortage for the current demand, and it’s expected that there will be 80,000 new electrician jobs available every year until 2031 as that demand goes up. As it stands, more electricians retire every year than enter the field. So that’s good.

Part of the issue is that in the last few decades, trade jobs haven’t gotten as much respect as jobs that require a college degree. Millennials and gen-z kids were told to spend four years partying studying so that they could get a higher-paying job and finally earn their father’s approval. All of us with crippling student loan debt know how well that turned out.

We say hat’s off to the electricians of today and tomorrow! Humanity needs you. But hey, if that isn’t your calling, you can still scroll down and apply for a job that does some good in the world.

July 4, 2024


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