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Meme of the Week

Article of the Week

Climate Accountability, Coming Right Up

Remember when we all found out just how much Taylor Swift flies her private jet around and had a nice laugh about it to cover up our tears? Get ready to feel like that again times a billion.

This week, the state of California passed a law that will require megacorps that make more than $1 billion annually to report their carbon emissions.

The law, which was so creatively named SB 253, is the first of its kind in 'merica, cause up until now we haven't been the best about holding people at the top accountable for their actions.

Well that's alllll about to change. In California. In 2025. Here's the lowdown:

  • California regulators have until 2025 to create rules for public and private companies that make more than one bil a year. Think Chevron, Apple, Wells Fargo, and about 5,300 other corps.
  • In 2026, those guys will HAVE to disclose how much carbon their operations and electricity use produces.
  • In 2027, they'll also have to disclose how much carbon their supply chain AND customers produce. So we can finally blame the corps for all their plastic packaging instead of shoving the responsibility onto the consumer (but pls still recycle).
  • And don't worry, California didn't forget about the little guys. In 2026, businesses that make $500 mil a year will have to report their "climate-related financial risks."

Plenty of folks are praising the bill for being revolutionary, saying it'll decrease greenwashing and inspire other states to pass similar laws that require more climate accountability from mega-corps.

But of course, there are some who don't love the idea, and just about all of them are part of California's big oil lobby. Shocker, amiright? They say their concern is that the reports will cost too much money and will end up being put on the consumer. We wonder if they might have some other concerns too, but hey, that's just us.

What's your take on this bill?

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