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Meme of the Week

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Today's Episode of Unions vs Billionaires

Welcome to today’s episode of unions vs billionaires! Let’s meet our contestants. To our left, we have the Amazon Labor Union organizers. They love livable wages, safe working conditions, and health benefits.

In April, this contestant made history when the Staten Island Amazon facility voted to form the first union in Amazon’s history. This week, they fought against Amazon again when they tried to unionize the Albany facility, the warehouse that reported the highest rate of severe on-the-job injuries.

To our right, we have contestant number two: Mr. Jeffrey Bezos. He loves fast delivery times, using ginormous packages for small items, and sending rich people to space.

Mr. Bezos is our returning union-squashing champ with a few tricks up his sleeve, like employee intimidation and election interference. Alexa, who’s your daddy? who won this round of unions vs billionaires?

That’s right, Amazon workers at the Albany facility voted 2-to-1 against joining the union. Thanks for playing, union organizers, and better luck next time!

Don’t worry, team union, there’s still hope for you. Over in Australia, dozens of Apple workers walked out on Tuesday after negotiations for better pay didn’t go their way. Our Australian contestants said they felt energized by other union efforts within the company as Apple stores in both America and the U.K. have recently voted to unionize.

Tune in next time to see what happens in round two of Unions vs Billionaires! We’ll leave you with these parting words from a statement by Amazon union president Christian Smalls: “you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” We swear we’ve heard that somewhere…

July 4, 2024


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