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We Can't Joke About Extreme Weather Events

Hey folks, every week our goal is to make you laugh while breaking down recent news in the sustainability/corporate responsibility world. Because laughing about it all is better than crying…right?

However, today we’re covering a topic that is decidedly not funny: extreme weather events. We can’t ignore the fact that communities across the globe are being devastated by natural disasters due to climate change, so we’re giving you a breakdown below.

Don’t worry, you will make it through the next few paragraphs of non-joking content, and we promise to balance it out with some really cute animal gifs afterward.

Recent Extreme Weather Events:

Okay, yeah…that was bleak. But we can’t turn a blind eye to climate change, and hopefully, these devastating events will create actual climate action. One animal species is already doing its part: beavers.

After an ongoing battle between ranchers and beavers that led to ranchers literally blowing up beaver dams with dynamite (ouch), a new generation of ranchers and scientists are actually working with beavers to protect the planet.

Did you know that beaver dams can store water during droughts, slow down torrential floods, and create more biodiversity? Dam, turns out befriending your enemies is better than blowing them up. Who knew?

Plus, nothing is cuter than those YouTube videos of cross-species friendships, so we love to imagine a furry little beaver snuggling up with a burly rancher after a long day of dam building. Just let us bea-liever it, okay?

July 4, 2024


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