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  • Meme of the Week
  • Who Pays for Climate Change?
  • New Job Opportunities
  • Shea Moisture Elevates Opportunities for Black Entrepreneurs
  • Adidas Garment Workers Speak Out About Wage Theft

Meme of the Week

Article of the Week

Who Pays for Climate Change?

Dear U.S. readers: This. Is. Not. About. The. Midterm. Elections.

Listen, we believe in voting and making your voice heard, especially in these crucial times. We also believe in voting in all elections, not just the big ones. But since you’ve been inundated with election content this week and every celebrity on Instagram has tried to help you find your polling place, we thought we’d do something different.

So instead we’re talking about…the Conference of Parties to the United Nations climate convention! That name rolls right off the tongue, huh?

Basically, COP27 is a weeklong conference where world leaders gather to figure out how to stop our planet from, you know, destruction. Nothing like distracting yourself from one major anxiety-inducing world event with another one! You’re welcome.

Here’s a roundup of the significant discussions from COP27 so far:

Well, there ya have it! Between the elections, COP27, and Chris Evans being named the Sexiest Man Alive, it’s been a big week. On a scale from, “I could do this all day” to “I want to sleep until Christmas,” where are you at?

Career Resources That Are Actually Helpful

Resume writing is the worst. In a gauge-your-eyes-out and bang-your-head-against-a-brick-wall way. But since you kind of need a killer resume to finally leave your terrible job and apply for a Social Impact Job, you gotta get it right.

Check out our resume writing resources for tips on crafting a stand-out resume for the social impact space. Our team will even look over your resume and send you personalized feedback. Not sure which font size says, “I am a reliable and competent professional who won’t steal your lunch from the community fridge”? We got you.

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