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Meme of the Week

Article of the Week

What's the Most Sustainable Way to Make Coffee?

Ah, coffee. The one legal stimulant that basically every society has agreed to abuse love with full abandon. Whether you take it black, pumpkin flavored, or blended into a frappuccino, we bet you’re jonesing for a cup right now.

You might be addicted to coffee if:

  • You go to sleep excited about your morning cup
  • Your 10 am pee smells like coffee
  • You’re not a nice person to be around until you’ve had your coffee

If this is you, we ain’t judging! We’re all a bunch of Lorelai Gilmores just trying to get our fix.

One thing that eco-conscious coffee drinkers have to consider is how to make their coffee in a sustainable way. Like most #ecowarriors, we thought of single-use coffee pods as the scum of the earth. Literally, since they take forever to decompose and litter the earth with their remains.  

However, a new report that says single-use pods may be more sustainable than drip coffee is swooping in to f*uck with all of our heads.

Apparently, how coffee is produced matters more when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions than how it’s packaged. How it’s made also plays a role, and single-use pods use coffee grounds and water more efficiently than other methods.

But we’d like to point out that the report did not account for how coffee is disposed of, and it’s way better to compost your French press grounds than toss a pod into the trash, IMHO.

Here are ways to make your coffee habit more sustainable:

  • Choose ethically sourced coffee
  • Try a local coffee roaster
  • Compost your grounds (or use them to fertilize your plants!)
  • Make the exact amount of coffee you plan to drink to avoid waste
  • If you use a pod machine, try reusable or recyclable pods

Happy caffeinating!


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