Happy Bridgerton season three day to all who celebrate. As you watch young women get auctioned off on the old timey marriage mart, don’t forget that we live in a different time and now you gotta work to support yourselves, ladies. Yayyy feminism…right? Scroll down to get yourself one of those job things.

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  • Meme of the Week
  • Article of the Week: Wellness Company Launches “You Do You Friday” for Employees
  • New Job Opportunities
  • Win of the Week: Publix Donates 100 Million Pounds of Produce to Food Banks Across America
  • Bummer of the Week: Wildfire Season is Here, and Canada Has a Head Start

Meme of the Week

Article of the Week

Wellness Company Launches “You Do You Fridays” For Employees

Ah, the elusive four-day workweek. That thing we all dream about but can’t seem to get our hands on. It’s fine, we can just work our lives away behind our computers instead and die of burnout instead.

Well, one company is making a change. Actually, 33% of companies in the U.S. are exploring four-day workweek options because employee burnout has become so bad, but one CEO is badass enough to actually do something.

Meet Sarah Robb O’Hagan, CEO of performance wellness company Exos.

After realizing how burnt out her employees and clients were, Hagan decided to lead by example and launched “You Do You Fridays.”

Essentially, if Exos employees are exhausted and need to spend the day contemplating their lives in the woods, they can! If they want to do “quiet work” that is undisturbed by coworkers, they can do that too.

There are only two rules to You Do You Fridays: one you can’t email or text any of your colleagues, and two, you can’t set any meetings for Fridays.

Hagan crafted this initiative based on the way that professional athletes train and recover. They train hard on some days and recover hard on other days, and the recovery time is just as vital to their performance as the training time.

If you ask us, it sounds like Exos employees are a bunch of Florida Stanleys.

After six months of implementing You Do You Friday, Exos reported that employee burnout dropped from 70% to 30%. Not too shabby!

If you’re feeling burnt out in your current position and are ready for a new opportunity, scroll down to apply for an Impact Job.

New Job Opportunities

  1. Director of Development at Capital Good Fund - Remote (USA)
  2. Program Officer, Transnational Kleptocracy at National Endowment for Democracy - Washington, DC (USA)
  3. Individual Giving Director at Center for Large Landscape Conservation - Remote (USA)
  4. City Oversight Director at Big Table - Spokane, WA (USA)
  5. Primary House Parents at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch - Boys Ranch, TX (USA)
  6. 2-Day Launch Camp at SEED SPOT - Remote

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Win of the Week:

As part of a partnership with Feeding America food banks, grocery store chain Publix has donated 100 million pounds of produce to feed neighbors in need. For some perspective, 100 million pounds of produce is enough to fill six Publix stores from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.

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Bummer of the Week:

We’re at the start of wildfire season, and Canada is kicking it off with wildfires in British Columbia and Alberta. The fires are sending harmful smoke into the northern U.S., repeating the historic wildfires of last summer.

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July 4, 2024


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