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Meme of the Week

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Article of the Week

Why You Should NOT White Font Your Resume for Social Impact Jobs

AI has changed the hiring game, which means that your resume is likely being screened by robots before it gets passed along to human eyes. This advancement has brought back a sneaky little trend among jobseekers: white fonting.

For the youngin’s in the crowd (or the non-tech savvy), white fonting is when you paste keywords onto your resume in a white font that hirers can’t see. But ya know who can see it? Robots.

Adding these keywords in white could (emphasis on COULD) help your resume get past the initial AI screening and into human hands who will be none the wiser. It's almost the same as using an invisibility cloak to fight evil wizards. Almost.

This whole invisibility cloak resume trend isn’t new, but it’s back with a vengeance thanks to the current AI wave. Some job seekers even post the entire job description on their resume in white font.

So what’s a social impact job seeker to do? Here’s why you should not use white fonting:

  1. Recruiters and employers are onto it, which means they have ways to detect it.
  2. The social impact space values honesty, not foolery.

It apparently doesn’t actually help that much. Totally real and not made-up studies show that giving yourself a mirror pep talk is more effective than white fonting.

But the main reason not to use this trick is because it’s a trick, not a genuine way to help you stand out based on your skills and unique value offer.

Want to really stand out? Fine-tune your resume and write a kickass personalized cover letter for each position. Then say a prayer to the social impact gods that your resume magically floats to the top.

July 4, 2024


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