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Will E-Bikes Save the Planet?

Rev up your engines, baby! That is…your bike engines. In 2021, E-bikes outsold all other types of electric vehicles, making them the latest eco-friendly trend to sweep the nation. And by “the nation” we mean the people in this country that actually care about the planet.

The big question is: will e-bike adoption reduce the number of cars on the road? And the answer is…maybe.

Yeah, e-bikes are actually really cool, and they do have way more planet-saving potential than those dumb wooden spoon/fork combo utensils that all your crunchy friends were carrying around a few years ago. BUT most American cities are sadly unequipped to support bike commuting.

If you really want to ride your e-bike off into the sunset, you could move to France, where the government is giving €4000 to everyone who trades in their car for an e-bike.

However, in the land of Big Macs, Venti iced caramel macchiatos, and Kid Rock, cars and pick-up trucks still rule the road.

You could apply for a social impact job, say in city planning, and help make American cities more bike friendly, which will reduce the number of cars on the road, cut CO2 emissions, and help end our reliance on fossil fuels. But hey, that’s just our (very biased) opinion.

July 4, 2024


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