Happy almost Super Bowl Sunday, football fans. And for the non-football fans who are in it for the buffalo dip and Taylor Swift coverage, pass the time during the ̶b̶o̶r̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶p̶a̶r̶t̶s̶ football game by applying for a new social impact job.

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  • Meme of the Week
  • Article of the Week: How to Ask for a Promotion in the Social Impact Industry
  • New Job Opportunities
  • Win of the Week: England Set to Restore Rainforests in Devon
  • Bummer of the Week: Atmospheric River Devastates Southern California

Meme of the Week

Article of the Week

How to Ask for a Promotion in the Social Impact Industry

There comes a time in every social impact jobber’s life when you say to yourself, “Hey self, it’s time for a promotion.” You’ve proved yourself in your current position and you’re ready to take on more responsibility. You ain’t mad about taking on more money either.

But here’s the annoying part: promotions aren’t just handed out like free candy. Most of the time, you have to ask for it.

How the hell do you do that?

Don’t worry, we got you. But before you walk into your boss’s office and ask for a promotion, do these things:

  1. Make sure you’re actually prepared for a promotion. Wait until you’ve proven yourself in your current position before you schedule a sit-down with the boss.
  2. Align your goals with the company’s mission. This step is especially crucial in the social impact industry. Your promotion isn’t just about a pay raise or career advancement, it’s about how you can contribute even more to the mission of your company. Make a list of your professional goals and explain how they connect to the company AND how you would accomplish them in your new role.
  3. Prove you’ve proven yourself. Create another list of your accomplishments, skills, and ways you’ve contributed to your company’s mission. You need to demonstrate your current value to make your employer want to promote you to a higher position.

Once you’ve prepared yourself to ask for a promotion, it’s time to actually do it. Schedule a meeting with your boss and pitch yourself for the position. Be specific about what you’re asking for and ask with confidence. We recommend a little pre-meeting jam sesh to pump yourself up.

If a promotion isn’t in the cards at your current company, maybe it’s time to apply for a new job that values what you bring to the social impact industry. Scroll down to start applying now, you superstar.

New Job Opportunities

  1. Director of Finance at Book Harvest - Durham, North Carolina (USA)
  2. Community Outreach Manager at Sonoma Land Trust - Santa Rosa, CA (USA)
  3. Senior Grants Specialist at - Remote (Multiple locations worldwide)
  4. Head of Philanthropy at Evidence Action - Washington, DC (USA)
  5. Financial Controller at Onja - Toamasina, Madagascar
  6. NMTC Project Coordinator (QALICB Support Specialist) at Steadfast City Economic and Community Partners - St. Louis, MO; Rochester, NY; Fairhope, AL or Remote (USA)

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Win of the Week:

In Devon, England, an ancient rainforest is set for restoration. Temperate rainforests used to cover most of western Britain and Ireland, but much of it has been destroyed. This winter, 100,000 new trees will be planted in Devon to revive the lush rainforests and protect animal species.

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Bummer of the Week:

Southern California was hit with severe storms this week. Experts are calling it an “atmospheric river” and citing climate change as a cause. As of this writing, three people have lost their lives in fallen tree accidents.

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